Available in 2.950 and 4.950 liter.

Single wall.

Completely equipped.

Equipped with a Spill container.


Each underground fuel tank from Boralit is tested on leak tightness, so that the user can be for 100% sure that he has a tank of high quality and safety.

The tanks are manufactured in polyethylene with a high stiffness and a high density to better withstand the storage of liquids and the forces that occur underground.

The tanks are equipped with all the necessary parts for connection to the heating boiler. The tank is designed for underground installation. They have big reinforcement ribs and a leak tight riser that is also used as a spill container.

In the rise is a watertight connection with internal 50 mm and external 63 mm, so that a leacktight connection with a PVC pressure tube is possible.

The top of the tank is provided with 5 moulded-in 2”F connections to assure water tightness. En overfill protection with connections to the heating boiler is installed, as well as a ventilation, green cap and an electronic volume gouge type Tankalert. Each tank is tested under pressure to assure leak tightness.

The underground fuel tanks are available in 2.950 and 4.950 litter.

Available in 2.950 and 4.950 litre
Single wall
Completely equipped.
Equipped with a Spill container.

Prototype CP0114/0820-HCC001