Above ground tanks for multiple use.


Storage tanks are all provided with hot galvanized bands and an airtight screw cover. The 1100 and 1500 liter tanks have (1) 2” F connection on top and the 2000 to 4000 liter tanks have (3) 2” F connections which can be used for filling, emptying, and venting the tank. A Sleeve with 2” F thread in iron or PP, can be provided at the bottom of the tank. A series of tanks can be connected at the bottom (at the sleeve location). An “arch” a “T-piece” and an “extension” are available for connecting a series of tank. An arch is needed for the first tank. Each additional tank requires a T-piece and an extension for tanks 2.500 liters and larger. On the last sleeve location another sleeve in iron or PP of 2”F can be installed. A tap (90°) of 2” M can be obtained to be installed on the flanges. Obligatory: a containment dike and an overfill sensor are obligatory.

Check installation procedures in app E (Available upon request).