Available in 1.200, 2.500, 3.300 and 4.950 liter.

-Tanks in bund (double wall).

Completely equipped.


The fully equipped fuel tanks

The fuel tanks from Boralit are fully equipped with all the necessary. (An electric overfill protection, a filling cap of 2”, ventilation, a pump unit with water filter and an electronic volume gouge type Bundalert).


They are, in addition, available in different volumes: 1.200, 2.500, 3.300 and 4.950 litre – in round and rectangular form.


Double walled fuel tanks


The above ground tanks are very stable en consist of a tank in a bund. The bunds’ function is to contain the fuel when a leak occurs on the inner tank.


All the tanks are for filling vehicles and equipped with the necessary connections.


The fuel tank is equipped with a pump, 230 V – 370 W single faze with by-pass and water filter. The pump has a thermal safety. The pump has a maximum flow rate of 60 l/min, and protected with a lockable door. It also has a flexible hose of 6 meter 3/4″ for the 1200 to 3300 litre and 1” for the 4950 litre with automatic pistol and rotary fitting.

They are available in 1.200, 2.500, 3.300 and 4.950 litre.



Available in 1.200, 2.500, 3.300 and 4.950 litre

In rectangular and round.

Tanks in bund (double wall)

Completely equipped.



CE: according to EN 13341 2005 +A1 2011

Prototype FPR 1200: CP0114/0790-HCC001                        MZFM 1200: CP016/1070-HCC001

Prototype FPR 2500: CP1012/0690-HCC001                        MZFM 2500: CP0716/1071-HCC001

Prototype FPR 3300: CP0314/0791-HCC001                        MZFM 3300: CP0716/1072-HCC001

Prototype FPR 4950: CP0716/1073-HCC001